Vita system Car

Cars are packed with electronics, ranging from guidance and control systems, navigation and Bluetooth to sensory parking aids, not to mention other electronics such as entertainment and communication devices. This stresses the human body and one gets sick.

Drive more relaxed and focused with the vita “system car” – the system’s eight components contribute to neutralizing the harmful irradiation created by the high stress level and enhance your concentration. A more relaxed way of driving and overall better atmosphere in your car are the potential benefits of the VITA “SYSTEM CAR”.

Save Travels with the VITA SYSTEM CAR!



The VITA SYSTEM CAR can be easily and unobtrusively placed anywhere in the car’s interior. Attach a VITA CHIP directly to the car battery, one to the left and one to the right of your dashboard as well as one underneath or on top of it. Furthermore, two VITA CHIPs should be placed on each side of the back seats and one chip in the trunk.


We are convinced of our product. This is why we give a life long warranty for the effectivity of the Vita Chip as well as a 3 month money back guarantee.

Important remark:

The technology presented here (similar to homeopathy, bio-resonance theory and some areas of acupuncture) does not conform to traditional science and academic consensus. The VITA CHIP makes no healing, curative or medical claims.
The VITA CHIP does not diagnose, cure, treat, heal or prevent any disease, illness or medical condition. If you have a medical condition or illness, you should consult your physician.