The effectiveness scientifically proven

The effectiveness of the Vita Chip has been scientifically proven. The RECON pain studies have been published in the renowned journal Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering. For more information and analyses see:

vita chip – The Best You Can Get!

The Vita Chip harmonizes negative energy with the help of „Skalarwellen“. As a result you experience more vitality and life-quality.

Positive experiences of our users:
· a calmer and more restful sleep
· more Vitality and Energy
· improved concentration
· improves breathing
· reduction of head, shoulder and back pains as well as joint problems
· overall better health and wellbeing
· an improved ambiance of the house and office
· reduction of magnetic and fields of description

A sound investment in your health

With the Vita Chip you turn your electronic devices, for instance cell phones etc., into bioresonance device.

Developed with the latest aerospace technology
· produced in Switzerland
· our products stand for the highest quality and the latest technological innovations
· the Vita Chip was produced for many applications such as the harmonization of negative energies, food products, beverages and rooms

The experiences of our customers you can find under testimonial

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